DFWorks® Mailrun Management

Automated job setup and insert plan management to improve process integrity.

DFWorks Mailrun Management automates your mail production and provides a streamlined and accountable workflow for both your print and mail runs as well as insert production and management. It can also increase operational efficiencies and performance by reducing operator errors, overhead costs, and changeover time.



The key to gaining efficiencies in any print and mail operation is captured in one word: automation. The more steps operators must perform, the more chances for errors to be made. And in today’s highly regulated environment, a small error can result in significant risk to your operation. DFWorks Mailrun Management provides a process management solution that simplifies inserter setup for operators and improves the reporting accuracy of print and mail jobs from start to finish.   

The job setup process can be a time-consuming, cumbersome, multi-step process that presents multiple opportunities for errors and downtime that drive down the performance and efficiency of your operation. DFWorks Mailrun Management simplifies this setup.  Working in conjunction with your BlueCrest Direct Connect inserters, all the job information is simply entered into DFWorks Mailrun Management—name, chargeback account, postage meter setting, piece weight, and more—and Mailrun Management handles the rest.  Resulting in faster set-up and less material wasted, your mail pieces will be accurately assembled without impacting operator productivity. 

  • Reduce operator error by automating and simplifying inserter setup.
  • Improve reporting accuracy through automated job parameter entry.
  • Reduce job changeover time by eliminating operator setup steps.
  • Facilitate correct insert loading with image based operator instructions.

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