Momentum 03 Orange.png

Fast changeover

Fast and simple changeover with repeatable set-up options to reduce the chance of operator error.

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Less technical system resulting in shorter learning curve for users including temporary labour.

Decrease Orange.png

Reduced labour

Reduced labour requirements and increased operator yield.

Automation Blue.png

Fit into workflow

Fit into existing processes and workflow while integrating into an automated document factory.

Saving Orange.png

Lower cost-per-piece

Produce the lowest cost-per-piece compared to any automated or manual operation.

Accuracy 03 Blue.png

Mailpiece integrity

Complete mailpiece integrity and accuracy with ability to provide tracking and file-based processing.

Efficiency Orange.png

Application range

Flexible, multi-format system that can handle applications from single pages to thick flats.

Insert Mail Blue.png

Run jobs "as-is"

Run existing production and manual jobs with no changes in envelopes, inserts or printing.

Finance Orange.png

Easy to justify ROI

Return on invested capital to meet payback total cost-of-ownership expectations in 18 months or less.

Progress 01 Blue.png

Platform flexibility

Support future applications with a scalable platform that includes a robust set of features. 

Jobs paired to the right machines lead to better ROI and greater operational efficiency. The Pulse inserting system checks all these boxes, and is the perfect solution for jobs less than 1,000 pieces. 

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